e-ISSN: 1309-1719
ISSN: 1309-1786
Period: 2 Issues Annually
Start: 2010
Publisher: Bursa İlahiyat Vakfı

International symposium on Molla Fanārī

International symposium on Molla Fanārī

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Jules Louis Janssens
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


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Janssens, Jules Louis. 2010. “International Symposium on Molla Fanārī”. Ilahiyat Studies 1 (1):142-44. https://doi.org/10.12730/13091719.2010.11.13.


International Symposium on Molla Fanārī, 4-6 December 2009, organized by the Faculty of Theology, Uludag University & Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa-Turkey. (First Paragraph) An "International Symposium on Molla Fanārī" was held in Bursa, Turkey on 4-6 December 2009. While Mullā Fanārī (d. 834/1431) was one of the leading thinkers of the early Ottoman period, he has up till now received little attention. Although this may give the impression that he was not so influential a thinker, this is clearly not the case as shown by the various contributions of the present symposium. S. Ḥusayn Naṣr, an important contemporary scholar of Islamic thought, was impressed by his thought, as M. Kara indicated, while A. Godlas made clear how even today Mullā Fanārī might remain a vivid source of spiritual inspiration. ...

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