e-ISSN: 1309-1719
ISSN: 1309-1786
Period: 2 Issues Annually
Start: 2010
Publisher: Bursa İlahiyat Vakfı

From the Editors

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Kemal Ataman
Uludağ University

Turgay Gündüz
Uludağ University
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Ataman, Kemal, and Turgay Gündüz. 2018. “From the Editors”. Ilahiyat Studies 9 (1):3-4. https://ilahiyatstudies.org/journal/article/view/459.


https://doi.org/10.12730/13091719.2018.91.171 (First paragraph) This issue of IS features four articles and two book review essays. Norman K. Swazo´s engaging article, “Jihadists Wrong Themselves Morally: An Islamic-Aristotelian Interpretation,„ evaluates the current status of the so called “radical Islamism„ from an ethical perspective as articulated by George Hourani. According to the author, Hourani´s work is important because of his philosophical grounding in both Western and Islamic thought and because of his effort to relate an Islamic interpretation to the moral philosophy of Aristotle. Swazo maintains that Hourani´s interpretation provides a reasonably defensible account enabling a moral evaluation of jihadist actions. Swazo further articulates his theoretical account by considering a well-known police action in Bangladesh to prove the historical significance and contemporary relevance of this debate.

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