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Start: 2010
Publisher: Bursa İlahiyat Vakfı

International symposium on Mullā Khusraw (18-20 November 2011, Bursa-Turkey)

International symposium on Mullā Khusraw (18-20 November 2011, Bursa-Turkey)

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Abdessamad Belhaj
Pázmány Péter Catholic University


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Belhaj, Abdessamad. 2012. “International Symposium on Mullā Khusraw (18-20 November 2011, Bursa-Turkey)”. Ilahiyat Studies 2 (2):265-67. https://doi.org/10.12730/13091719.2011.22.44.


International Symposium on Mullā Khusraw, 18-20 November 2011, organized by the Faculty of Theology, Uludag University & Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa-Turkey (First paragraph) Mullā Khusraw (d. 885/1480), one of the earliest prominent Ottoman scholars, was the theme of the international symposium held in Bursa, Turkey, on 18-20 November 2011. In addition to thirty five Turkish participants from different Turkish universities, five foreign researchers represented Hungary, Italy, the United States and Canada. The purpose of the twenty two papers presented at the conference was to bespeak attention to the personality, the works, and the influence of Mullā Khusraw. It is regrettable that neither the Index Islamicus nor the Arabic Union Catalogue contains a single publication on Mullā Khusraw. To provide an accessible scholarly work on his scholarship, the organizers intend to publish the proceedings during the year. In particular, Ottomanists and Islamicists would welcome this publication.

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