Postmodernization of religion: a brief remark


  • Ali Yaşar Sarıbay Uludağ University


Postmodernization of religion, the "crisis" of modernity, secularization, subjectivation, Rorty, Vattimo, civic responsibility, spiritual responsibility

Abstract In this article, postmodernization of religion is analyzed as a part of individualization and alienation in the context of "cultural reification" process. Within a general philosophical framework, defining what "postmodernization of religion" means, two specific social phenomena are brought under the focus. On the one hand, the article takes up the "crisis" of modernity with special reference to secularization and subjectivation that has undermined the universal column of modernity and legitimized the personal arrangements of social life. On the other hand a philosophical deliberation about Christianity between two preeminent philosophers of the present age (Rorty and Vattimo) is examined in the hope that it sheds light upon the issue in the debate about Islam in Turkey.


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