Volume 2, Number 2 (2011)

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Is a non-metaphysical religious thought possible? - possibility of religious thought within the scope of Heidegger's onto-theology criticism - FULL TEXT
Kasım Küçükalp 145-167
Dār al-hijra in Khārijī and Ismāʿīlī thought FULL TEXT
Ali Avcu 169-187
Relationship between Abū Ḥanīfa and Zayd ibn ʿAlī - an assessment in the context of an account in al-Majmūʿ al-fiqhī - FULL TEXT
Eren Gündüz 189-213
Factors underlying religious orientation scale - a methodological approach - FULL TEXT
Ebrahim Khodadady, Ehsan Golparvar 215-235

Book Reviews

Muslims: their religious beliefs and practices, by Andrew Rippin FULL TEXT
Oliver Leaman 238-240
Maintaining the sacred center: the Bosnian city of Stolac, by Rusmir Mahmutcehajic FULL TEXT
David Fideler 241-246
Al-Ghazālī's philosophical theology, by Frank Griffel FULL TEXT
Veysel Kaya 247-253
The formation of Islamic hermeneutics: how sunni legal theorists imagined a revealed law, by David R. Vishanoff FULL TEXT
Wilferd Madelung 254-256


Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi (1956-2011): a reflection FULL TEXT
Ian S. Markham 271-273

Conference and Symposium Reports

International conference "takfir: a diachronic perspective" (24-26 October 2011, Madrid-Spain) FULL TEXT
Kadir Gömbeyaz 258-264
International symposium on Mullā Khusraw (18-20 November 2011, Bursa-Turkey) FULL TEXT
Abdessamad Belhaj 265-267

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