Volume 7, Number 1 (2016)

DOI: 10.12730/13091719.2016.71

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From the Editors FULL TEXT
Kemal Ataman, Turgay Gündüz 03-05


Turkish Political Thought with regard to State Authority and Community Culture: Why can a Community not Seize the State? FULL TEXT
Fatih Mehmet Şeker 07-26
Khurūj in Contemporary Islamic Thought: the Case of the “Arab Spring” FULL TEXT
Muhammad al-Atawneh 27-52
On the Revelation Circumstances and General Emphases of Sūrat al-Aḥzāb: An Analysis within the Scope of Textual and Non-textual Context FULL TEXT
Hadiye Ünsal 53-86
Shāfiʿī Uṣūl Thought in Late Third-Century AH: Edition, Translation and Interpretation of Chapters on Uṣūl al-fiqh in al-Wadāʾiʿ by Ibn Surayj (d. 306/918) FULL TEXT
Nail Okuyucu 87-133

Book Reviews

L’Islam: Religione dell’Occidente, by Massimo Campanini FULL TEXT
Oliver Leaman 137-138
The Sufi Doctrine of Man: Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Qūnawī’s Metaphysical Anthropology, by Richard Todd FULL TEXT
Kemal Enz Argon 139-142
Religious Scholars and the Umayyads: Piety-minded supporters of the Marwānid Caliphate, by Steven C. Judd FULL TEXT
David S. Powers 143-147
Mysticism and Philosophy in al-Andalus: Ibn Masarra, Ibn al-ʿArabī and the Ismāʿīlī Tradition, by Michael Ebstein FULL TEXT
Michael Brett 148-149


Ṭāhā Jābir al-ʿAlwānī (1935-2016) FULL TEXT
Asma Afsaruddin 153-155

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