Volume 3, Number 1 (2012)

DOI: 10.12730/13091719.2012.1

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From the Editors FULL TEXT
Kemal Ataman, Turgay Gündüz 3-4


Al-Suhrawardī's critique of Ibn Sīnā's refutation of the Platonic forms FULL TEXT
Tahir Uluç 7-27
The nature of royal authority (mulk) in the context of continuity and mutability in Ibn Khaldūn's thought FULL TEXT
Ömer Türker 29-49
Opposition to the Bektāshī Order in Egypt FULL TEXT
Salih Çift 51-72
Iskandar ibn Aḥmad's epistle in refutation of Christians FULL TEXT
Muhammet Tarakçı 73-104

Essay Reviews

An Important Collection of New Studies on the Shīʿa: An essay review of Fortresses of the intellect: Ismaili and other Islamic studies in honour of Farhad Daftary, edited by Omar Alí-de-Unzaga FULL TEXT
Y. Tzvi Langermann 107-116
An essay review of in the age of Averroes: Arabic philosophy in the sixth/twelfth century, edited by Peter Adamson FULL TEXT
Jules Louis Janssens 117-126

Book Reviews

The poetics of Iblīs: narrative theology in the Qurʾān, by Whitney S. Bodman FULL TEXT
Andrew Rippin 128-130
A metahistory of the clash of civilisations: us and them beyond orientalism, by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam FULL TEXT
Coeli Fitzpatrick 131-135
The Qurʾān in context: historical and literary investigations into the Qurʾānic milieu, edited by Angelika Neuwirth, Nicolai Sinai, and Michael Marx FULL TEXT
Thomas Hoffmann 136-141
Moral agents and their deserts: the character of Muʿtazilite ethics, by Sophia Vasalou FULL TEXT
Abdessamad Belhaj 142-144

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