Volume 9, Number 2, 2018

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DOI: 10.12730/13091719.2018.92

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From the Editors FULL TEXT
Kemal Ataman, Turgay Gündüz 161-163


Defining a Christian Virtue in the Islamic Context: the Concept of Gratitude in Elias of Nisibis’ Kitāb Dafʿ al-Hamm FULL TEXT
Ayşe İçöz 165-182
Bridging Pastoral Psychology and Positive Psychology FULL TEXT
Zuhâl Ağılkaya-Şahin 183-210
A Ḥadīth and Its Indication Problem within the Context of Relationship between Faith and Deeds FULL TEXT
Hüseyin Kahraman, Hacer Şahin 211-248
Reflection of Qāḍīzādelīs-Khalwatīs Tension on the Islamic Heresiography: Muṣṭafá ibn Ibrāhīm and His Alphabetical Classification of Sects FULL TEXT
Mehmet Kalaycı, Muhammet Emin Eren 249-290

Book Reviews

Islamic Legal Thought: A Compendium of Muslim Jurists, edited by Oussama Arabi, David S. Powers, and Susan A. Spectorsky FULL TEXT
Felicitas Opwis 293-297
Dīwān Rasāʾil al-Ṣābī, by Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm ibn Hillīl ibn Ibrāhīm ibn Zahrūn al-Kātib (384 AH./994 CE.) FULL TEXT
Halil İbrahim Hançabay 298-301
Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition, by Ayesha S. Chaudhry FULL TEXT
Mohammad Fadel 302-307


Remembering Fuat Sezgin: An Obituary FULL TEXT
Seyyed Hossein Nasr 311-312

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