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Islamic Law in Theory: Studies on Jurisprudence in Honor of Bernard Weiss, edited by A. Kevin Reinhart and Robert Gleave

Felicitas Opwis


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This volume, celebrating Bernard Weiss and his seminal contributions to the study of Islamic jurisprudence, came out of a conference in Alta, Utah, in 2008. It contains a list of Weiss’ publications as well as personal appreciation to the honoree by Peter Sluglett. The editors, Reinhart and Gleave, are to be commended for arranging the thirteen essays in a manner that gives the whole project intellectual coherence and depth without sacrificing the authors’ varied research perspectives toward Islamic legal theory. They divided the contributions into four interrelated sections: Law and Reason, Law and Religion, Law and Language, and Law: Diversity and Authority, acknowledging that there is of course overlap and some chapters fit into more than one section.

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