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Kemal Ataman, Turgay Gündüz


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Ilahiyat Studies is a new multidisciplinary academic journal dedicated to publishing original articles, essays, reports, and book reviews primarily within the fields of Islamic and Religious Studies. In our context, the term Ilahiyat is not confined within the boundaries of its classical usage as one branch of Islamic philosophy, which refers to a variety of issues on first philosophy, metaphysics, and the notion of God. Rather, we intend to widen its scope and use it in a broader sense to include any topic related to what is considered to be "divine," as studied under three general categories of Classical Islamic Sciences, History of Islam and Islamic Arts, and Philosophy and the Study of Religion(s). In so doing we hope to bring out a truly interdisciplinary journal whose focus is upon the intersection of more than one discipline, perspective, and religious tradition.


ilahiyat, theology, Islam, religious studies

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